KNX Building Solutions

KNX for every kind of project

It doesn’t matter whether you want to implement KNX in a new building or a renovation project. Building automation can be realised in every type of project.

Office buildings

Design your office so that it meets your needs and that it saves money. With KNX you can substantially decrease your maintenance costs in terms of energy consumption. Moreover the use of smart technology will increase the productivity and quality of your office and its people.

Residential buildings

Design your own living space tailored to one’s lifestyle with the KNX technology. A luxury villa or modern apartment building with the highest comfort and quality will improve your change at the real estate market.


Every hotel wants to offer a high level of comfort to their guests. At the same time, it is important to save costs by smart control of energy usage. Building automation with KNX is the perfect solution to meet your guests’ high expectations without wasting too much energy.

Schools and Universities

Every school or university is confronted with the challenge to provide their students with the highest comfort and efficiency at the lowest cost. Safety is also a key focus of an educational environment. Smart automation with KNX will keep tomorrow’s generation safe and sound.


In the health sector a reliable and efficient digital infrastructure is extremely important. Constant monitoring, safety measures and efficient energy management will improve the daily routine at an organisation where every detail counts.

Stadiums and other sport facilities

A sport facility is used for many types of sport disciplines and events. A highly flexible automation system proves a real asset for the daily management of the infrastructure.


An airport is a highly controlled environment where everyday millions of passengers pass to catch their flight. Efficiency is without doubt the key focus of this kind of organisation. KNX can help to manage the lighting, air conditioning and heating to improve the comfort of travellers from all around the world.

Industrial buildings

The production of goods needs an efficient and reliable infrastructure. Moreover, it’s important that an industrial building and its goods are protected against intruders. KNX offers a safe and easy to manage system for a stable production process.