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Guangzhou SeaWin Electrical Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2014 in Guangzhou  Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. As an innovative technical company, SeaWin specializes in KNX/EIB applications of smart home and intelligent buildings. At the beginning we used Siemens chips and stack for KNX/EIB products development andsuppled goods to our internal customers. With our effort we certified our own Stack(SeaWin-KNX-STACK M0705) in 2018. Based on that stack we have developed different product series concerning with the daily KNX/EIB applications, just like energy actuators / gateways / actuators / dimmers / shutters /  thermostats / panels / sensors / power supply / Wincontrol System / system components,etc.

KNX/EIB products Retails、OEM and ODM is our main business for all global customers.

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Guangzhou SeaWin Electrical Technologies Co., Ltd.




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