• Product Names:Multi-protocol & Interface Mixed Control Module

  • Models:SC-GW-2.1.1

  • Detailed parameters:

      1.Bus Voltage:21-30VDC                            

      2.Operating Temperature:-5°~+45°C 

      3.Storage Temperature:-25°~+55°C 

      4.Transportation Temperature:-25°~+70°C 

      5.Relative Humidity:Max 90% 

      6.Shell Material:Metal+PC+ABS

      7.Size【W x H x D】:144mm x 90mm x 64mm

      8.Installation Method:35mm Din rail installation

      9.Auxiliary Voltage:12 - 24 V DC

      10.Bus Current:≤10mA  

      11.Bus Operating Power Consumption:≤2.3W 

      12.Function Interface:LAN*2【8 channels for TCP/IP/UDP】,KNX/EIB*1,standard RS485/Modbus *4,IR*3,Binary


  • Function Description:

  1. With couplers function for KNX branch lines

  2. The same ID gateway can communicate smoothly, and different ID gateway withour interference

  3. Communicate with our software "WINCONTROL" system

  4. Build-in  switchboard with 2 LAN interface

  5. 4 channels RS-485 interface which can be customized for standard Modbus or other non-standard communication protocols 

  6. 4-channel I/O dry-contact inputs interface

  7. 3-channel IR control

  8. Build-in 8 channels of TCO/IP or UDP ports for server or client use

  9. Mixed communications between all interfaces and protocols

      10.All interfaces and protocols are defined and classified by our "WINCONTROL" software into action library,event library

           and time-action execution library. Clock function / timing sequence / logic / data process / scene control also added 

           inside for central control use

      11.Clock management settings for day / week / month / year / special dates etc. With the  customized timetable you can 

           control the whole system. Maximum scenes for time and events settings are 2048 

      12.Scope of use: air-conditioning system / back ground music /  landscape lighting system / fire emergency lighting 

           system / I/O input system / security access control system / IR system /  underfloor heating system / lighting control 

           system / BA system / education platform software / central control /  warehouse management system / hospital 

           management system etc.

      13.Available for the 3rd party system docking

      14. Supporting Android APKs and IOS APPs