• Product Names : KNX Bus Power Supply

  • Models SC-MP640.12

  • Detailed parameters

      1. Input Voltage 200~240 VAC,50/60Hz

      2. KNX Bus Output with reactor ,30VDC +1/-2V,640mA Max

      3. 1st Channel Auxiliary Output30VDC , 500mA Max

      4. 2nd Channel Auxiliary Output :12VDC,  300mA Max

      5. Maintenance Time After Power Outage :>200ms

      6. Operating Temperature :-5°~+45°C 

      7. Storage Temperature :-25°~+55°C 

      8. Transportation Temperature :-25°~+70°C 

      9. Relative Humidity :Max 90% 

      10. Shell Material :PA66

      11. Size【W x H x D】:144mm x 90mm x 64mm

      12. Installation Method :35mm Din rail installation

  • Function Description:

  1. For KNX power supply only

  2. The 1st and the 2nd channel auxiliary output are using the same yellow status LED. When the power supply is steady the LED lights on.When the power supply is overloading the LED flashes.

  3. When the KNX bus output is over the standard 640mA the red LED lights on. And if the KNX bus output is over 900mA the red LED flashes and the output should be cut off automatically. Please press the "reset" button to restart.