• Product Names:8*16A Energy Switching actuator

  • Models:ME48.8.20.2

  • Detailed parameters:

      1.Bus Voltage:21-30VDC

      2.Output Current:8-fold design, 250VAC(50/60Hz)/ channel

      3.Resistive Load:Max 16A                         

      4.Bus Operating Current:≤15mA 

      5.Bus Non-operating Current:≤8mA 

      6.Bus Operating Power Consumption:≤450mW 

      7.Bus Non-operating Power Consumption:≤240mW 

      8.Operating Temperature:-5°~+45°C 

      9.Storage Temperature:-25°~+55°C 

      10.Transportation Temperature:-25°~+70°C 

      11.Relative Humidity:Max 90% 

      12.Shell Material:PA66

      13.Size【W x H x D】: 217mm x 90mm x 64mm

      14.Installation Method:35mm Din rail installation

  • Function Description:

  1. 4/8-fold independent control of lights / loads with manual operation by using 20 An magnetic retention relays 

  2. Time function of on/off delay, on/off circular and staircase lamp function 

  3. Scene combination control mode 

  4. On/off status setting of each channel when or after the power shutting down 

  5. With status value feedback function, each channel can individually detect Current / Voltage / Active power / Power factor etc.

  6. Can monitor and count up the energy consumption of each channel 

  7. Can records the date and time when energy consumption starts to accumulate 

  8. Logical policy control of the energy switch actuator combining with the data of Current / Voltage / Active power / Power factor / Real-time energy consumption 

  9. Alarm to bus if the monitoring data exceeds or falls below the set threshold 

      10. When the energy consumption exceeds the default valve, it gives an alarm to the bus 

      11. 8-fold and 12-fold energy switching actuators are available