• Product Names:4*3A Dimming actuato

  • Models:MD24.4.3

  • Detailed parameters:

      1.Main Output:4-channel SCR dimming)

      2.Each Channel:Max 3A/single channel,Max 8A/4 channels

      3.Bus Operating Power Consumption:≤2.5W

      4.Bus Voltage:21-30VDC

      5.Main Input:200~240 VAC,50Hz

      6.Bus Current:≤10mA 

      7.Operating Temperature:-5°~+45°C 

      8.Storage Temperature:-25°~+55°C 

      9.Transportation Temperature:-25°~+70°C 

      10.Relative Humidity:Max 90% 

      11.Shell Material:PA66

      12.Size【W x H x D】:144mm x 90mm x 64mm           

      13.nstallation Method:35mm Din rail installation

  • Function Description:

  1. 4-fold independent SCR dimming output

  2. Manual operation for dimming

  3. Absolute dimming and relative dimming function with status feedback

  4. Time-loop function for staircase lighting and circular flickering

  5. Scene function / switching state saving

  6. Lamps:LED spotlight / downlight / halogen lamp / quartz lamp / constant voltage dimming and front edge dimming lamps etc.