• Product Names:Touch-Type Thermostat Control Panel

  • Models:SC-TC86.01

  • Detailed parameters:

      1.Bus Voltage:21-30VDC                            

      2.Auxiliary Voltage:21-30VDC

      3.Bus Current:<12mA 

      4.Bus Power Consumption:<360mW

      5.Auxiliary Power Consumption:<1W

      6.Temperature Detecting Precision:±0.5 ℃

      7.Temperature Detecting Range:-20℃ …+50℃

      8.Operating Temperature:-5°~+45°C 

      9.Storage Temperature:-25°~+55°C 

      10.Transportation Temperature:-25°~+70°C 

      11.Relative Humidity:Max 90% 

      12.Shell Material:Metal+PC+ABS

      13.Installation Method:86 box installation

      14.Size【W x H x D】:86mm x 86mm x 30mm

  • Function Description:

  1. Display for on/off and status feedback

  2. Mode display and setting for cooling / heating / fan / dehumidify / automation etc.

  3. Fan speed display and setting for 2nd-level / 3rd-level /  5th-level

  4. Temperarture display and setting

  5. Build-in temperature sensor, celsius and fahrenheit display

  6. With output for underfloor heating and ventilation system

  7. Display for other temperature data of the KNX bus sensors